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Tips For Building Your Own Gym

With the price of gym memberships rising every year, it’s no wonder why many people choose to build their own gym at home. Quite often it can pay for itself in 6 months or less, especially if you ask friends if they want to share it with you for a very low fee each time they use it. After all, why would they no if you have some great equipment they can use and don’t have to drive miles to the local gym.

Dumbbells in GymSo here are some tips to bare in mind when deciding what equipment you should add to your own gym:

#1 – How much space have you got?

This has to be one of the most important things you need to know. Otherwise you could end up buying equipment that just won’t fit into the space. You should be accurate when measuring the room. If it’s too big to use a regular tape measure then consider borrowing or buying a laser measure instead. These allow you to measure large distances on your own and they are very accurate too. They are quite inexpensive to buy but always check out laser tape measure reviews online before choosing the one you need.

#2 – What equipment do you use most?

Once you know how much room you have to play with, you should now decide what types of equipment you are most likely to use. This will normally be a combination of cardio equipment and strength equipment. So things like a treadmill, elliptical machine or stepper would be great for cardio and maybe a multi-gym or certainly hand weights would be required with various weight increments.

#3 – How much do you have to spend?

The last thing to consider is how much money do you have to buy what you need. This will help you to decide on how much you have for each piece of equipment you need. You might have to drop down in quality for some pieces or maybe even step it up if you have the budget for it. Always make sure everything is high quality and that the gym will be a safe place to workout in.

Hopefully these tips will help you to build the gym that will not only save you money over time but one that you’ll actually enjoy working out in and not having to go and sweat it out with strangers.

Setting Your Bodybuilding Goals

Through the years, he served as the icon for those who want to have sexy muscles to be proud of – Arnold Schwarzenegger. People never stopped asking him on how he was able to develop his body or even asked if it’s really possible for an ordinary person to build muscles close to his.

His endearing outlook and attitude in life made him a very interesting person in the field of bodybuilding. Arnold’s strong determination won him several titles which includes ‘Mr. Universe’ among others.

Do you want to know Arnold’s ultimate secret?

According to him, he doesn’t have any secret at all; he conducted no extra ordinary activities to make him ‘The Muscle Man.’ He did what other weight lifter does; only with him – he set his goals. That is the difference!

In bodybuilding, one must begin from a vision and goals. For beginners, start first from your weight; make sure that you weigh ideal to your height and body mass index. Check your diet, modification of lifestyle and avoiding vices.

Next goal, go to the gym and get someone to help you. A specific program should be made based on your weight, height or built and not to follow other programs which were made for other bodybuilders. If you don’t have time for the gym, buy some exercise equipment to use in your home. If you have the room, buy a multi-gym or look at smith machine reviews to see if you can fit on in your home. These allow you to train and work every part of your body.

He also said cardio was just as important as lifting the weights themselves. He would always go for a run before or after a heavy session. He even did boxing sometimes with a partner. If you want to practise at home then you can buy speed bag platforms for home use and train whenever you have time. There’s no need to always go to the gym when you can use the travelling time to get more exercise at home.

And the most important thing, continue with the program even if in the beginning you’ll experience some hindrances until the day you see satisfying results. Look at the incredible and inspiring accomplishment in Arnold’s life He was not born luck at all but he set his goals in life and like every body else – The road to success is within reach especially for those willing to do almost everything to fulfill it.

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